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Minha loja

7-in-1 High Frequency Acne Wand

7-in-1 High Frequency Acne Wand

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Revitalize your skin with our High Frequency Electrotherapy Beauty Instrument! This essential beauty gadget harnesses the power of high-frequency current through a glass electrode tube, delivering transformative skincare benefits. Here's why it's a must-have:

1. **Nerve-Calming & Analgesic:**
  - Soothe your nerves and enjoy its analgesic function for a truly relaxing skincare experience.

2. **Anti-Aging Marvel:**
  - Unleash the power of anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, and skin-tightening capabilities for a youthful glow.

3. **PH Balance & Blood Circulation:**
  - Improve secretion, balance pH levels, and accelerate blood circulation for healthier, radiant skin.

4. **Ozone Sterilization:**
  - Produce ozone for sterilization, aiding in wound healing and pore reduction.


- Remove spots and heal skin scars
- Enhance blood circulation and improve lymph activity
- Boost skin nutrition and strengthen cell metabolism
- Diminish inflammation and sterilize bacteria
- Accelerate healing of wounds and reduce visible pores


- Voltage: 110-240V
- Frequency: 50-60HZ
- Power: 10W (4 in 1); 30W (7 in 1)
- Light Color: Orange, Purple, Orange and Purple

**Operation Procedures:**

1. **Indirect Method:**
  - Ideal for dry and aged skin. Massage from neck to chin and visor to forehead.

2. **Direct Method:**
  - Suitable for greasy skin. Apply essence, hold the metal bar, and massage in a "Z" or helix pattern.

3. **Sparkle Method:**
  - Perfect for wounds and inflammation. Cover eyes, touch the face with the glass tube, and treat for less than 10 sec.

4. **Hair Care Method:**
  - Stimulate the skin surface for hair follicle health using the comb tube.

**Package Included:**
Choose from 4 types, including Orange, Purple, Orange+Purple Electrode Glass Tubes, each with a main machine and user instructions.

**How to Use:**
1. Insert the chosen glass electrode.
2. Turn on and set to zero intensity.
3. Hold the handle, make contact, and place on the skin.
4. Increase intensity for a 5-minute session.
5. Remove from the skin and turn off.

- Use thin gauze for sensitive skin.
- Avoid leaving the tube in the same position for more than 10 seconds.
- Not suitable for freckled or spotted skin. Pregnant women and pacemaker users should avoid use.

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