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RC Car Winch Controller

RC Car Winch Controller

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🚗 Rev Up Your RC Fun with the Metal Winch Wireless Remote Controller System - Elevate Your Crawler Game in Style! 🎮✨

Gear up for an adrenaline-packed RC adventure with our cutting-edge Metal Winch System, specially designed for 1:10 RC Crawler Cars like Axial SCX10, TRX4, TRX6, and Gen8. It's not just an upgrade; it's a journey into the next level of excitement!

🌟 Features to Turbocharge Your Experience:

  • Remote Control Magic: Take charge of your crawler's winch effortlessly with the Wireless Remote Receiver. Maneuver through obstacles like a pro, making every crawl a thrilling experience!
  • Ultra Scale Looks: This isn't just a winch; it's a style statement! With ultra-scale looks, it adds a touch of sophistication to your RC crawler, making it a head-turner on and off the track.
  • Crafted for Excellence: Our winch is more than just a piece of equipment; it's a testament to superior quality and craftsmanship. Elevate your performance with style!

🛠️ Spec-tacular Specifications:

  • Material Mastery: Crafted from durable metal, this winch is built to withstand the toughest terrains. Choose your color - Black, Grey, or Red - and make your RC crawler stand out.
  • Compact Powerhouse: Measuring at 753538mm, the winch is a compact powerhouse. The controller, at 41.53110mm, adds convenience without compromising performance.

🔋 Controller Power Play:

  • Voltage Variety: With an input voltage range of 5V to 12V, the controller gives you the flexibility to power up your winch based on your preferences.
  • Battery Boost: The controller runs on a 3V CR2032 battery (Not included), ensuring you have the juice for your next heart-pounding crawl.

📦 Package of Fun:

  • Unbox excitement with 1 RC Crawler Winch and 1 RC Car Winch Controller. It's a dynamic duo crafted for maximum fun and performance!

🎮 Order Your Metal Winch Wireless Remote Controller System Today - Because Your RC Adventures Deserve a Dash of Style and Thrill! 🛍️🌟

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